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Default Re: B3D GTX-480 Thermal Study


People should just learn to like what they like without worrying so much about what the public thinks about it. The problem today is people rely on the public to tell them what they should or shouldn't like.

For example, I could care less if the public (Wall Street) tells me which GPU is better, 5870 or 480, simply because I've had bad personal experiences with ATI's drivers in regards to Eyefinity 5-series and am sick of them. Therefore, I'd prefer to have an Nvidia card or card(s) in my rig at the moment for their drivers or feature set. Madpistol, on the other hand, may have had a different experience and appears to be so since he likes his card.

We all purchase what we purchase because of our own preferences, yet some of us get so riled up trying to defend that purchase as if our lives depend on it--even to the point of being completely illogical, like trying to defend temps on a GPU (480) that sucks down more power than a double-GPU card (5970) instead of focusing on its positives.

Fermi's a great performer, has a great feature set (3D especially intrigues me) and great drivers/customer support. There are plenty of things to focus on other than its power usage/heat if you're an enthusiast.

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