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Default Re: B3D GTX-480 Thermal Study

Originally Posted by Xion X2 View Post
The logic of this entire thing is pretty simple.

Can the GTX480 be cooled to the temps of the 5870 and under? Sure. Slap a massive heatsink or a waterblock on it and watch the temps nose dive.
Actually, I put my GTX480SLi in a HAF932 case I bought at newegg for $139, and guess what? I'm playing Metro2033 with huge loads on the GPUs with temps holding steady at 84-86C and the fans at 64-67%. Not a huge price to pay for the level of performance I get over any two ATi cpus, is it? Of course, when I play Metro, I get PhysX and 3d Vision as well, so it's not really a fair comparison. The game looks a LOT better with these features.

Originally Posted by Xion X2 View Post
These last cards from Nvidia are good performers, but I, like Madpistol, am sick of seeing people pull any argument that they can out of their &#^ trying to justify the temps. It is the highest power-drawing single-GPU card ever; therefore it is the hottest running single GPU ever. It's as simple as that. Any arguments against this are simply rhetoric and aren't based in fact.
What rhetoric? I can post my GPU-Z showing the GPUS maxed and the temps in the mid 80s, doesn't get anymore "fact" than that. Of course that's Metro at some pretty extreme settings, almost any other game would be running cooler and at lower fan speeds. Like I said, why do ATi fans always talk about people burning themselves on heatpipes when most of us couldn't touch our video cards if we wanted to? Or why do ATi fans seem to only care about synthetic benches that very few games can approach in terms of CPU load?

Originally Posted by Xion X2 View Post
In addition to that, take a look at Nvidia's stock.
You mean the stock that sells for 50% higher price than AMD stock, that makes NVIDIA itself worth more than AMD and ATi combined?

Originally Posted by Xion X2 View Post
Anyone who cares to look at 5870 vs 480 logically (I'm not talking about you Nvidia fanboys who fail to ever see anything that Nvidia does wrong) just needs to accept that AMD offered the better product this time around. .
I have to respectfully disagree- the GTX480 offers much better DX11 and AA performance, and better performance in general. Someday ATi may equal them, but until then, performance oriented individuals only have one choice.
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