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Default Re: AO Rated Manhunt 2 coming to Direct2Drive Next Week

I bought it. I am probably about the 5th person to do so, judging by how few people seem to have knowledge of it. A whopping 2 people responded to me on GT and told me it was technically polished, so I took the plunge.

So far I am happy I did. The game looks like crap on a technical level, it's a PS2 port with no enhancements other than AA and high-res. It has many graphics options though, but I can only imagine these are to enable it to run on a laptop rather than enhance the original game? Or maybe it looked like complete crap on PS2 and this IS enhanced, how should I know. The important thing is AA and v-synch and 16:10 resolutions are there.

More importantly than tech specs the environments are very detailed and look really nice despite the old graphics. Rockstar has a knack for this so it's nothing new, but it's a nice surprise anyway. I thought the whole game took place in an insane asylum but it ends up that is just level one... color me surprised. Level two was a neighborhood and level 3 is a sex club.

Gameplay seems the same as the original... sneaking and melee fighting. Nowhere near as polished sneaking as Splinter Cell, mainly because of the plodding movement. It's more different than worse though, and the melee fighting works well. The kills are indeed gruesome and if the graphics were better it might actually make me sick, but they're PS3 quality of course so it just looks kind of unsettling.

The worst thing about the game from a PC standpoint is that it does not let you customize your controls on the whole, rather it just has different presets, basically a WASD preset and an arrow key preset. I assume you can use a pad, but I did not try. The only key in a weird place I don't like is TAB for blocking, which is just awkward. One funny thing though: it has LEAN! OMG Modern Warfare 2 not balanced for lean but Manhunt 2 is! Haha.

Anyway, if you like stealth games and are bored waiting for Death to Spies 3 or whatever then I don't think this is too bad actually.
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