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Default Re: B3D GTX-480 Thermal Study

Originally Posted by Xion X2 View Post
Obviously. But it doesn't change the fact that good cooling on a 2900, along with ATI Tool's volt-modding capability, turn it into a good performer with the headroom it has. Anyone willing to spend 400-500$ on a graphics card can usually afford a few good fans or watercooling.
Xion, I find it interesting that when an ATi card like the 2900 is being used you'll add power by volt modding, and don't mind adding fans or water.

Yet here you are arguing about people using good cases and water to cool GTX480s and the cards using more power. You must have become a more eco-friendly Xion since that post!

And of course the 2900 was 8db louder at load than a 8800GTX, but you had no problem telling the OP:
Originally Posted by Xion X2 View Post
Can't go wrong with either the XT or the GTX. The 2900XT is a great card in its own right, but don't expect to hear that response from too many on an nvidia fansite.

I've had both the GTX & XT and still find the performance of the XT to be pretty good. Especially if you volt-mod it like I have mine.
So you'll use more power, cooling and put up with a lot more noise when it's an ATi product in question apparently.

Here's the 8db louder source:

So why is that Xion?
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