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Default Re: B3D GTX-480 Thermal Study

Originally Posted by Rollo View Post
1. Not everyone cares a 480 uses 100W more than 5870.
I'm not talking about "everyone," you dolt. I specifically emphasized that in my first post:

Originally Posted by Xion X2
Are they better [AMD's GPUs]? No, not for everyone (and not for me, because I think their drivers suck) but for the mainstream, yes, because of the above reasons (power usage and price.)
I am not talking about the enthusiast crowd like you and I. WE BOTH prefer Nvidia in this specific case. You for your own reasons and me because I've ran into issues with AMD's drivers recently.

That doesn't change the fact that the enthusiast crowd makes up the MINORITY. The mainstream crowd makes up the MAJORITY.

2. First you say the price of the stock is the only guage of how good a product is
No, I didn't say that. And once again, in regards to AMD's stock price, it's very simple. You are never going to have a high priced stock when a company has been in debt going on multiple years straight. Most people know how to read a balance sheet.

If, however, you still want to gauge AMD's stock price against Nvidia's stock price during the launch period of Fermi, then look at the trending of both since Fermi released. AMD has dropped just 1$/share and Nvidia has dropped 6$/share during a period of relative stability in the economy. What does that tell you?

The "lawsuits" that you and Darth mention happened two months before the stock dropped. This did not impact the stock, otherwise you would have seen the drop coincide with that announcement back in February. Instead, it concided with Fermi's release and Nvidia's drop in guidance for Q2 with investors.

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