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Default Re: B3D GTX-480 Thermal Study

Here is how I see things and I came from a 5870 crossfire setup then a single 5870.

The article is well written the test setup is pretty close to what most of us would normally run in a closed case as enthusiasts.

I think for those that are on the fence with regards to a 5000 series AMD product or a Fermi this paints a better and clearer picture.

The arguments about heat and power consumption are important and I was one who took a very close look at this and was very serious about it, but like anything it’s subjective.

I held onto my 5870 when I purchased the 480 after testing and playing a bunch of game titles I was very happy with the results the 480 gave me so I decided in keeping the 480 and sold the 5870.

I personally had some issues with AMD cat drivers and was happy to once again have an Nvidia product in my box not for PhysX or Cuda or anything else simply for gaming, and good working drivers out of the box.

I don’t have the time to mod drivers wait on a fix then have next months driver break the fix then come out with a hot fix etc. In this Nvidia wins and is why I am currently using a Fermi this time around the extra power consumption and heat I was concerned about was not that big a deal and with the MSI Afterburner program and setting profiles I am quite happy.
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