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Default Re: EA removed Crysis 2 because it was on PC!

Anyone who owns a console and expects Crysis 2 to look as good on 360 as it does on PC deserves to have their $60 stripped from them.

Originally Posted by Sean_W View Post
I don't think so. Who is really going to say it doesn't look like that on the 360? Console versions are pretty close to the PC version because that's the developers goal. Games might get higher or extra effects on the PC but they could easily just set Crysis 2 to medium and you have the console version.

Besides, I don't think you can tell on a big screen like that, unless you have both versions on a HD screen yourself, since viewing videos of it doesn't pass the quality off. It would be almost impossible to tell if that was the PC version or console version anyway.
I disagree. I play on consoles all the time and I really enjoy them, but just the higher resolution alone on PC's really makes their graphics so much better, imo at least.
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