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Default Re: B3D GTX-480 Thermal Study

That's 'nuff said for me:

B3D quotes:

"So for what it is worth we could actually stop here and say stop whining about the GTX-480 temperatures. The HD 5970 was 1C lower than the GTX-480 and the same temperature as the GTX-470. The HD 5870 was 4C lower than the GTX-480. The GTX-285 was 5C lower than the GTX-480. The HD 5870 will throttle at 100C so it has 8C left, the GTX-480 throttles at 105C so it has 9C left yet the screaming about the thermals on the GTX-480 were ripped apart. I don't remember anyone screaming about the 5870 or the 5970 yet they have less overhead to throttle than the GTX-480 and have far less transistors to service per core. Each core on the HD 5870 and HD5970 have 2.154 Billion Transistors and come within 4C of the GTX-480 which supports 0.846 Billion or 846 Million more transistors.


All that being said it's still by Furmark which presents unrealistic temperatures but since most of the review sites were reporting GTX-480 temperatures with Furmark we though we'd set the record straight. If you want to scream about temperatures do so in a fair manner. All the modern GPU's run hot in Furmark, Furmark is designed to run them hot and isn't representative of real life temperatures."

Because of all those "reviews" that screamed about furmark temps, I was about not to buy the card. I followed lots of users reviews, temps posted etc. I know that experiences may vary from case to case (bot users & computer cases). So I bit the bullet.

Guess what? I'm glad I did.

I find B3D article spot on and presenting the reality as it is. I also happen to have a well ventilated case (CM690 with six 120 and 140 mm high-quality fans). So who cares about furmark temps? Never seen such thing during intense gaming.

In the most demanding games I never seen the temps rising over 85 degrees... Actually, in Metro 2033, the temps are 80 to 82 degrees with fan at 70% maximum. My older GTX280 usually ran at around 85 degrees (Stalker-COP, Crysis), it also idled at higher temps.

That is why most of the reviews must be taken with a grain of salt.
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