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Default 2 video cards with linux/ 2 twinviews

I am working with a system that uses two video cards.
OS = ubuntu 9.10 x86_64
one is an onboard Quadro FX 470
the second is an EVGA Geforce 9500GT

I am having issues getting the video cards to work properly.

The goal: 4 monitors, two from each video card.
each pair of monitors = 1 X screen.
quadro fx 470 = x screen 0 - two monitors
geforce 9500gt = x screen 1 - two monitors

I would like to enable twinview on each card.
The problem I am having is that, while twinview does provide me with 2 large virtual desktops, my applications maximize across both. The same goes for my desktop, the applications menu is on primary monitor and the other side of the panel with the shutdown and clock is on monitor 2.

After asking in the freenode irc channel #nvidia, I was told that xinerama may not currently support this type of usage. That the driver is only able to communicated one twinview arrangement at a time.

Can anyone confirm this for me, or offer me a solution?

I have stopped trying to implement 2 twin views because it is too hard to work with the split screen effect. I am currently running 4 Xscreens.
Here is my current xorg.conf configuration. It has commented out configurations from the twinview attempts, done by nvidia-settings automatically.

Please let me know if what I am trying to do is possible with my current hardware/drivers
Thank you.

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