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Default Re: Microsoft Reinvesting in PC Platform (Again)

Originally Posted by NarcissistZero View Post
Man, tough crowd.

I for one would welcome a renewed investment in PC gaming from Microsoft; it would bring a lot of great games to our platform.
I dunno, how many crappy ports have we gotten lately? Even good ports like Assassin's Creed II show so many signs of consolitis in their draw distances and textures. I think they've given up on us long ago, we get the half baked port tossed at us once in awhile and yearly promises about reinvesting in the PC but I really don't see any solid effort that makes me believe it.

DX10 and 11 have failed to take off because we are held back by the outdated hardware in the consoles. If PC gaming were going anywhere it would've already given us some great DX11 exclusive games.
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