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Default Re: 3D windows hang temporarily on focus change

I see a problem similar to this, but only as per the following case (never yet with a wine game):
  • I start Nexuiz (2.5.2 GLX x64 client configured with vid_netwmfullscreen=1)
  • I attempt to task switch with alt+tab or by hotkeying to another virtual desktop
  • Nearly every time, this results in all applications being drawn at less than 1fps, which is pretty unusable
  • If I switch back to Nexuiz, framerate returns to normal
  • Subsequent task switches do not cause this problem - it only occurs on the first task switch after starting the game
I'm using a GTX275, kernel (vanilla), xserver 1.7.7 and KDE 4.4.4 with KWin's composition enabled on Debian Sid.
This problem occurs with drivers 256.35, 256.29, the 195 series, the 190 series, and probably earlier drivers that I don't remember.
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