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Default Re: Prince of Persia The Forgotton Sands

This game will go down as one of the most underrated games of the year if you ask me. It starts kinda slowly but the game doesn't have an imbalances and it just keeps plugging along ticking the right boxes.

Sands of Time did have frustrating combat and for me it was one reason the game could never be in the great game category. Forgotten Sands combat is great fun and pretty smooth. I think the game looks pretty damn good too - no idea why some people complain about the graphics. The platforming is much less about waiting for things to happen and more about pressing the right buttons, in that way it keeps the game flowing nicely.

I second NarcissistZero's comments about getting this game if you enjoyed Sands of Time, it's a good match. If anybody is interested I wrote a review for it
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