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Default Re: Microsoft Reinvesting in PC Platform (Again)

Originally Posted by FearMeAll View Post
I'm alone here but the games look pretty good to me. I still remember being absolutely blown away when I first played Giants:Citizen Kabuto and today's games are way different. I love lots of FSAA and ANISO so I'll take console ports and all. I still play DOS games to this day, so that may be why I'm so easily pleased.

You kids are Nothing can satisfy you anymore. Go find an old NES and plug it into your tv and play that for hours, then complain about today's games and "lame" console graphics. (I still play my NES)

I'm getting old at 27.
I agree with You. I am absolutly blown away by most of games graphics on my pc and 360. Even HL2 is still amazing for me. And new games are just incredible! And it sure wont get worse than first Unreal so its win for me..

Btw. I Remember that feeling of jaw dropping when running Unreal on release for first time on my new 3dfx Voodoo! Waterfall, shining floor, water... EVERYTHING!

Yea... Some here have ultra mega pcs for thousands of dollars and are whinning for graphics being bad. And no developer will release game that uses power of 2% of pcs on the market. Most of pc's arent even as relatively powerfull as 360
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