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Default VDPAU Error 0 6291 with 9600GT


I am having trouble getting VDPAU to work under my 9600GT running Ubuntu Linux 10.04. The precise error (when running vdpauinfo) is as follows:
VDPAU nvidia: Version: NVIDIA VDPAU Driver Shared Library  195.36.24  Thu Apr 22 19:52:55 PDT 2010
VDPAU nvidia: Error detected 0 6291 
VDPAU nvidia: Backtrace:
--: /usr/lib/vdpau/ [0x7f7cf549d000] DSO load base
00: /usr/lib/vdpau/ [0x7f7cf54a3ab9] vdp_imp_device_create_x11
Error creating VDPAU device: 1
display: :0.0   screen: 0
I have tried removing and purging the nvidia-current package from my system to no effect. In addition I have also tried installing the latest version of the libvdpau1 package from the vdpau PPA repository.

OpenGL works fine, no issues there and have no other reasons to suspect the driver is not functioning properly. Bug report attached.
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