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Default Re: Microsoft Reinvesting in PC Platform (Again)

Originally Posted by nekrosoft13 View Post
i still remember the interview with one MS douche bag, and when he said that MS doesn't want multiplatform releases at the same time, because European market usually buys the PC version and they want them to buy xbox version instead.

this is why I dont trust MS when it comes to gaming, they always have an agenda
Well their agenda has been SELL XBOX but now from what I am reading their board members and such are not happy with the shift from PC focus overall, not just gaming, to Xbox and Kinect and Zune and crap like that. This resulted in the recent employee shake-ups and could be related to this.

MS makes all its money from Windows and other PC apps. While I think the Xbox has been making a profit for a couple years now it is still so far in the hole they might never climb out again and their other entertainment divisions still lose money. I bet Kinect loses money.

They need to take the PC back by the balls and hold on to it. That means a LOT more than gaming, but it is a part of it.
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