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Default Re: EA removed Crysis 2 because it was on PC!

Originally Posted by sammy sung View Post
I play ps3/xbox 360 on a 50 inch plasma and even on consoles games like gt5p and forza 3 wich both run in 1080p looks tons better than 720p games.I would never choose a console version of a game that is also available on PC but after getting the 50 incher the lack of AA isn't really that noticable if you don't sit too close.Still though,most devs are getting damn lazy and a lot of games is more or less exactly the same over the 3 different platforms.Games like crysis 2 shouldn't really be released on the consoles imo,it deserves the full AA/texture/effects treatment and with those no console has a hope in hell of running it in 1080p.
I would agree with that for Crysis, since I think the game content is **** and the only thing the series offers is groundbreaking graphics.
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