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Default Re: VDPAU Error 0 6291 with 9600GT

Originally Posted by Stephen Warren View Post
EvilGuru, it's possible you're experiencing the problem described in thread To confirm this, could you please try driver version 185.18.14 and report which error message that version displays. Thanks.
My distribution (Gentoo) provides:
ChangeLog                           nvidia-drivers-190.53.ebuild
files                               nvidia-drivers-190.53-r1.ebuild
Manifest                            nvidia-drivers-195.30.ebuild
metadata.xml                        nvidia-drivers-195.36.15.ebuild
nvidia-drivers-173.14.22.ebuild     nvidia-drivers-195.36.24.ebuild
nvidia-drivers-173.14.25.ebuild     nvidia-drivers-71.86.11.ebuild
nvidia-drivers-180.60.ebuild        nvidia-drivers-96.43.14.ebuild
nvidia-drivers-185.18.36-r1.ebuild  nvidia-drivers-96.43.16.ebuild
Would 185.18.36 be suitable?

Regards, Freddie.
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