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Default Re: ASUS Publishes GTX 465 Unlock Tool - Transform To GTX 470

Originally Posted by JasonPC View Post
After reading a few posts I can tell that VERY few 465s can be unlocked. There's a lot going against this. There are two ways the card can be unlocked. One through the Asus tool which only unlocks the Stream Processors and another by flashing the card with a 470 BIOS (this unlocks everything). However here are the hurdles: some (most?) 465s have the stream processors disabled not through the BIOS but through other means so the tool fails. Apparently there were a few 465s out there that were basically disabled 470s and even had the full amount of ram modules, TMUs, and ROPs (I heard Point of View was the manufacturer that had some of these). Obviously these are even more rare.
Given the problem they have been having with yields, this makes perfect sense. The reason the SPU's can't be unlocked is probably because they're damaged. Hence why the chip is a 465 to begin with.
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