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Default Re: GTX 260 wont clock past 702MHz clock core?

a quick reply to you ATOJAR because i have pretty much the same px as you do, the few differences are that i have a msi gforce260gt with 896mg with quade core i7 930 2.80Ghz
windows 7 64 bit same as you. Also have 6g of ram, same as your model. casing is different..
I like to play battlefield bad company 2 & have lots of problems with the soldier not following my aim. The movement of my soldier feels as though i lag doesn't follow the ennemy as well as i would have expected, therefore i get shot a heck of alot most times... soldiers not far away i have problems follwing with my aim to shoot, so in revenge i get shot
my settings on my videocard using the afterburner program that came with vid card is the latest version forceware 196.21 & my settings vary, here are some settings i use..

Core voltage i have it to the min. set at 0
core clock: 650
shader clock: 1397
memory clock: 1050
Fan speed: 70
temp of GPU is stable at around 52 & that's with my AC not far away.
this is on a saved mode.

another setting i use is

core clock: 703
shader clock: 1412
memory clock: 1102
fan speed: 86
GPU temp is around in mid 50's

my question is how come my GPU usage is sky high? Stays around in mid 80's% & sometimes up to 96% & that on both settings... I've even seen it go to 100%. only progarms i use in background are mumble, norton anti virus & steam & my afterburner since i want to see what lvl's i'm at while gaming...
So to resume i am getting shafted in battlefield big time...
the settings in game that are set to high are texture lvl & effect lvl, shadow lvl low, anti aliasing set at 1xmsaa, datail lvl i have to set it at medium. Anisotrophic filter is at 4x .
Any help would be nice :-)
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