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Default Re: B3D GTX-480 Thermal Study

I don't like to see chips pushing 100F much less 100c and 90c is getting mighty close. Whats more, we shouldn't need to have a separate circuit just to run a computer! For awhile now we have been seeing power supplies coming out with TWO power cords because a typical house outlet is only rated to 20 amps. Using 2 cords isn't going to help unless they are each on a different circuit because most breakers are 15-20 amps. And if you trip one, then the other is overloaded.

Just about every other part in the computer is getting it's power requirements reduced. Video card makers need to catch up. A modern high end card pulls 2-3 times more power then all the rest of the computer combined, and that includes the displays which have moved to LCD. My new quad core 3Ghz AMD computer with 4 hard drives ranging from 160 to 650Gb, and 8Gb of ram pulls far less power then my old AthlonXP running at 1.9Ghz with 2 80Gb drives and 1Gb of ram, not including the monitor which is the same. The main power difference is likely due to the fact that the old computer has a Ti4600 and the new one is using the intigrated graphics because I couldn't afford a new video card. Video cards pull too much power.
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