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Default Re: Well? Aion or Conan?

Conan all the way baby!

I tried Aion on release, It seemed boring & a big grind fest! ... Graphics aint to impressive either.

Conan on the other had i have played from release, Yeah on release it was buggy as hell but 2 years & a expantion pack later the game is 100% better, the community grows more every week with new players & old players returning .. Dont get me wrong not totally bug free though(what mmo is?)

The combat in conan is the best of any mmo imo, the graphics, player animation & areas are just stunning .. the areas feel so alive with life that its easy to get immersed for hours without realising, I play in Fury(a PvP server) ... The game is wild, the arease are unforgiving & the quests are epic. If your looking for a adult content mmo with awsome fatalitys ... great PvP ..... Conan is your game!

Whats more u can play a free unlimited trial of tortage(the starting area, u can lvl to 20 on the trial)to make your mind up.

BTW its great to read the ingame chat now and read new players saying how awsome the game is ... It great to read returning players ways "wow, this game is 10x better than 1.5+ years ago"

It was a different story on release, If the game was then as it is now if feel this would be challenging wow if it wasent for the demanding system specs needed to run the game at decent settings.

GW2 will have to be something very special to pull me away from AoC.
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