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Default Re: Microsoft Reinvesting in PC Platform (Again)

Originally Posted by NarcissistZero View Post
People might have thought Fable 3 was the start of a new era for Microsoft games on PC. People then might have been disappointed that nothing was said about any other PC games at E3 (though to be fair barely anything was said about new 360 games at E3).

Well, according to an internal Q&A at Microsoft, more PC support IS coming.

Kotaku article:

Quote from MS:
I don't see that as an indication of greater support coming for gaming on windows 7. to me that just reads as typical marketing noise. All it says is that right now, without anything changing, windows is already a "super-duper" gaming platform and it's "getting even better because we are releasing fable 3".

It sounds to me like they are trying to get as much milage as possible out of one, (one!) "core" game.

The fact that they need to talk about facebook games shows that they are just trying to leverage the existing level of suppport and make it sound greater than it really is.

I'm suprised that you would think otherwise.
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