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Default CliffyB asked about Gears 2 on PC: "Never."

Joystiq follows-up on the Fable 3 port news by asking CliffyB is Gears 2 is coming to PC after all:

So, Fable 3 is coming to PC -- and you've said in the past that Gears 2 won't come to PC. Is that still not a possibility?

It's not. Ever.
He does go on to say the outlook for PC is changing though, and hints to a possible Gears 3 port:

I have a feeling though -- and this is nothing to say of Gears 3 on PC -- I have a feeling in the next few years, you're going to see PC gaming come to rise in the next few years.
Whether this is due to mumblings he has heard around Microsoft or simply the greater PC gaming presence Steam and MMOs have garnered is up to speculation.

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