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Default Re: Well? Aion or Conan?

Originally Posted by H3avyM3tal View Post
From what I read, Aion got more of those useless skills like crafting and cooking and sewing and what not. Does it still have a large enough player base? I gave conan another go, and I still see many players around, and frankly from what I remember about Aion, it was a drag. In that regard conan was more serious and mature...
1.9 changed the XP rewards from quests and monsters, added random daily quests, counter-skills against stun, knockback etc.. They have added some important atrib. stones for magic critic., healing boost and others.

Boss drop rates are now higher. Soul healing ,binding and teleports are now much cheaper. And NPC carry stigma, that could have only been dropped before.

Depending on the server, the population goes from not bad to high. They are also planing server merges and server transfers. More info on this should be available this week. I'm expecting the numbers to be around 2k on each side, but we'll see.

The 2.0 update is huge. New instances, low and high lvl, group and solo. New weapons, lands, skills, many new quests etc.
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