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Default Re: L.U.R.K. v1.1 released (STALKER mod)

Originally Posted by Crow_Nest View Post
I wish they didnt scrap the HUD, i know they are trying to make the game more challenging and immersive but omg the absence if a HUD is ****ing annoying having to bring up the inventory screen just to check my health and whether im still bleeding.

And also artifacts can no longer be used as power ups like before. They can only be sold as profit. What a disappointment. Artifacts have always been part of STALKER and its gameplay, not allowing players to utilize them totally changes everything. I know LURK aims to change the way you play STALKER, but come on not like that!
HUD minimap optional as before would have been nice.

We almost didn't get a sleeping bag at all.

Artifacts belt gone = sad STALKER.

I have gone back to L.U.R.K. v1.0052 and Complete 2009 v1.4.4

I like the new LURK 1.1, but too many quirks keep me from playing it for too long.
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