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Default Re: CliffyB asked about Gears 2 on PC: "Never."

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I wouldn't buy gears 3 on PC if gears 2 wasn't on PC.
Exactly my point but watch, they will release 3 then complain about poor sales due to piracy. Not realizing GoW 3 wont sell well because PC gamers never had GoW 2. I wish I had a bat phone number to some of these developers right after their failed game launch so I could tell them why their game didn't sell on the PC. "Umm, yea, Ubisoft, AC 2 isn't selling because of your DRM... it has nothing to do with piracy! Yea, and some of your gamers don't have dedicated internet sooo they wouldn't be able to even play it if they did buy it....kthxbai"
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