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Exclamation Re: rebuild kernel

Originally posted by chadderbox4
I clicked on the link... and checked out 2.4.22. it is a patch i suppose.. but i don't know how to compile the source. i have downloaded it already. Do i just copy and paste it to an editor or a compiler? After that what do i have? (rpm?)
I told you i was new to linux
You'd better get the Full kernel version (click on 'F' and take linux-2.4.22.tar.bz2) untar it under /usr/src (cd /usr/src; tar xvjf <wherever-you-saved>/linux-2.4.22.tar.bz2), change dir under new created folder and read README for compile/install procedure.
Anyway you should do:
- make mrproper
- make xconfig (or make menuconfig : you configure all your kenel options, but you'd better "load configuration from file..." and get an older configuration, such as /boot/ and work onto it - please read documentation -)
- make dep && make clean && make bzImage && make modules && make modules_install
(... go having a breakfast ... ;-)
if everything goes fine with no errors ...
- make install
- reboot
Now you should have a new entry in your grub's choices (Red Hat Linux (2.4.22))

Hope this help
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