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Originally Posted by Beyond Unreal

The title, called Singularity, will be powered by Unreal Engine 3
I forsee a brown/grey looking game with superlow res textures since development most certainly were made on the 360 and then ported mostly unchanged to PC,with textures popping in late etc.I'm no fan of the UE3 engine,not many (if any) have done great things with it.I hope this will be an exception but seeing as this haven't gotten much press i highly doubt it. Lee63 said when he sold one of his 480's that with todays games/unoptimized console ports there's little need for 480 sli.For me personally i'm passing this gen alltogether,my 285 is perfectly fine for my 22 inch screen.I have some hopes for this game but it bothers me that it's sorta slipping in under the radar,i think NarcissistZero is correct sadly,looks like this is going straight to DVD

Pc screenshots:
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