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Default Re: CliffyB asked about Gears 2 on PC: "Never."

Originally Posted by nutcrackr View Post
I enjoyed gears 1 on PC, despite what some people say about it being a terrible port.

I wouldn't buy gears 3 on PC if gears 2 wasn't on PC.
gears of war 2 is incredible. Great game with great graphics. I absolutly love it. Its less grim and more colorfull than first Gears ... And I dont know if that is good, but its MUST PLAY game anyway.

And Shame it might not show on pc. Gears1 was ported just like it would be a pc game. Would love to see Gears2 100000x100000 resolution downsampled images with 16xSAA 16AF 60fps.
Althought they managed to squeeze more than I tought from 360 with Gears2. It even have aa!
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