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Default Re: Is there a really big difference

Originally Posted by mailman2 View Post
I just got the HD5870 in tonight. Installed the 10.6 with the new 10.6 (6-23) application profile. Jumped right into BF BC2. I enabled DX11 and its butter smooth. I had to force DX10 and render ahead to 0 on the GTX 480 just to get smooth performance. That worked good on the HD5870 also. I didnt even reformat with the HD5870 and its much smoother than the GTX 480. Is it faster? I don't know yet, I'm just looking at perception of game play first since using the GTX 480 thats been the most disappointing thing about it. The GTX 480 might benchmark faster but as of now BF BC2 runs much, much better on the HD5870. I wish the GTX 480 was this smooth since it gets great numbers in game.

I've got some numbers to compare and will do that soon. right now I'm just going through the games the GTX 480 wasn't running smoothly to compare.

Assassin's Creed II is smoother and benchmarked just as fast. Crysis is just as fast.
Your claims are starting to get irritating at this point (and suspect), these 'problems' are definitely on your end and nothing to do with the 480 (unless it is defective).

Enjoy your 5870, sell the 480 and be done with it.
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