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Originally Posted by Bah! View Post
Why do you keep doing this?

I Googled "Assassin's Creed 2 480 5870" to see what others (besides me) were seeing as far gameplay experiences and the third freaking link has you saying just the opposite of what you said in this post.

It's pretty hilarious that no one else seems to have the issues you are having with the 480, and no one else has a problem keeping their story straight except you.

BF BC2 - runs amazing.
COD MW2 MP was very fast, a lot faster than HD5870
Assassin's Creed 2 - runs freaking awesome, much smoother than 5870
Assassin's Creed II is smoother and benchmarked just as fast.

The MW2 and BFBC2 stuff has been beaten to death so we'll just talk about AC2 this time. How the hell is AC2 running smoother on the 5870, when in a previous post you claimed that it was much smoother on the 480?

If you are going to keep this 5870 is smoother crusade going you might wanna brush up on your past post history so you don't keep contradicting yourself. Your credibility is in the toilet at this point when it comes to either card.
The HD5870 has had two driver releases since I last owned one. The GTX 480 actually gets more FPS in some of these games, but its the smoothness I'm after now . When I first popped in the in GTX 480 I was just looking at the FPS using fraps after the excitment wore off and I began gaming with it did I notice the hitch. RF:G still runs faster and smoother on the GTX 480. AC 2 had a micro stutter on the 480 that I didn't notice right away, like I said at first I just fired it up with Fraps and went purely on the FPS, not the actual gameplay smoothness. Splinter Cell Conviction is another game that the GTX 480 is faster in but has that hitch once in awhile that drives me nuts. Even with the hitch the GTX 480 runs SC:C smoother. The only crusade I'm on is to have the smoother card in my machine, even if its not the faster one. What really ticks me off is how so few people are annoyed with things like little hitches, while they are just game breakers to me. Some people are more sensitive to things like this and notice them more. I may just RMA my GTX 480 for another one to see if the card is defective.

Unless the 257 drivers have just made things get worse, I'll go back and retest with GTX 480 with the earlier drivers. Now that I have both cards here I can easily retest things.

Also, I fired up COD4 MP with the 5870 and with punkbuster enabled and I don't get the heartbeat stutter for the first minute or so that the GTX 480 did. I had to disable PB to avoid that.
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