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Exclamation Need help!!!!

hi all, and thank you for even bother reading my post.

i while ago i started this thread but no one could help me there (and i got frustrated ) so i decided to start from the beginning.

so here i am, but now im running a fresh install of kubuntu lucid using the nvidia driver from the ubuntu repos (195.36.24) kde 4.4.4 and i have NOT modified any of the configuration files (.nvidia-settngs-rc, xorg.conf kwinrc etc) so this is a typical kubuntu lucid installation.

the problem is that the performance of kwin using opengl for compositing is even worse than xrender.

please i dont play 3d games and i dont care about fancy effects like the cube or the snow thing but i cant live without the magnifier, the percent windows and without the general smoothness compositing provides.

setting powermizer to prefer maximum performance does help a bit but is still not perfect and IMHO that is not a solution, is just making the gpu run hotter and hiding the real problem behind a veil of gpu power (my brother's 3 year old intel gpu (doesnt even support shaders ) runs kde as smooth as freaking butter).

this is happening in both of my computers (macbook pro 5,5 hp mini 311 ion) both of them share the same GPU, the 9400m

if you need anything else just ask.
any help is welcome.

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