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Default Fedora 13+ multiple cards+ Xinerama = frustration

I recently upgraded from a fully working setup in fedora 11 to fedora 13. I
have a dual socket, quad core dell workstation running xeons and three nvidia
graphics cards: geforce 9500GT, geforce 9400 GT and an nvidia GTX 260. The
three graphics cards powered five monitors through xinerama using the nvidia
driver in fedora 11 without any problems.

After I installed fedora 13 and did a yum update on everything, I disabled the
nouveau driver, installed the latest nvidia driver and enabled xinerama. When I
move the cursor across monitors, I get the following error:

[mi] EQ overflowing. The server is probably stuck in an infinite loop.

The cursor starts to flicker and does not respond to mouse movements, the keyboard goes dead.
My guess is at this point X is pretty much dead at that point. Sometimes it restarts on
its own after this failure, sometimes it just hangs and I have to ssh and init 4 to
bring it down.

I have done some research on this for a couple of days now and this error
appears to be a symptom, not a bug in itself. That is to say it is a catch all
error that can be triggered in a number of places.

Also, I ran into something similar when I temporarily upgraded to Fedora 12. I
did not pursue the matter though and reverted back to fedora 11. If it helps, I
have tried to re-apply the patch suggested here:

to the VGA arbiter in the past but it did not help. I could have easily been
simply doing it wrong. I do however hope that the patch made its way into the
nvidia driver by now but I still trying to confirm this.

Does anybody have any idea how I can get more information regarding this
error or any idea how to fix it? Needless to say I am growing desperate and
want to revert back to fedora 11 however I prefer to keep up with the times
since I use my workstation as a development platform.
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