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Default Re: CliffyB asked about Gears 2 on PC: "Never."

Originally Posted by FastRedPonyCar View Post
I personally won't get mad about this announcement because I think gears plays a little better with console controller anyways. Same with batman Arkham asylum. The 3rd person games just work well with controllers.

If you've got a good sound system and screen to play a console game on, it's really damn fun. And I'll personally take a lower resolution 50" screen + comfy couch and big sound system over a higher res 24" screen, hunched over the keyboard/mouse setup any day. I know that not every guy has that at home but there ARE ways to make console gaming more enjoyable without porting them to PC.
I agree - which is why I play my PC games on a 360 controller with my HDTV.

Yes, there is a way to make the experience more enjoyable - run it at a true 1080p, 60fps with better texturing and aniso filtering, your own editor, possibility of mods.

In other words, port it to the PC.

Really, the concept of being able to plug a 360 pad and hook up your PC into to your TV that new to you?

I originally waited for gears 1 to come out on PC so I got that and then when my brother came over and had it in his car, I popped his 360 version in mine and actually liked it a bit more.
...which makes no sense. It means you simply preferred to play on with a controller or HDTV, both of which are easily obtainable on the PC. With 60fps you'll get far better control via both input methods, and your HDTV will be fully utilized at its native res.

That is the strength of the PC - choice. You don't get that with a closed platform.
I won't get chapped at epic if it never comes out on PC, I'll be chapped at them if I get it and it's a terrible game.

I don't see anyone nerd raging over god of war, gran tourismo or forza or mario/zelda games not coming out on pc. Why?
...because they're not published by MS, the same company that makes the OS and declares it's the "best for gaming"? Because none of their previous releases were on the PC? Because the developers of Gow/Gran Turismo have zero history on the PC, as opposed to Epic which became the studio that it is by a long list of successes on the PC?

Really, did you spend more than 2 minutes even thinking about this post?
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