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Default BFG Rma Issue

Maybe this is the wrong spot, but I kinda have to get this off my chest. I love BFG, they've been great with RMA's and warranties in the past. However, recently they've left a bad taste in my mouth, and I can understand if whoever reads this says it's my own fault. I bought a 280 GTX in Dec 2008. It died in Feb 2010. I RMA'd the card, sent them proof of purchase etc, the card was registered on their site. Silly thing is, when I sent the card in for RMA, I put my original receipt in the box, without much concern because I thought they kept the POP I faxed them on file.

Now 4 months later, the card has died again, and they will do NOTHING without me faxing ANOTHER proof of purchase, something which I've already done. I purchased the video card from Ncix (local walk in pickup) and NCIX tells me they don't keep reciepts for over 1 year. I'm dissapointed as the GTX280 fit my gaming needs, and now I fell I kinda have to unnecessarily buy a new video card.

Rant over.
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