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Default Re: ** iPhone 4 mini-review **

Originally Posted by MUYA View Post
Any gaming performance review? Iphones have lots of nice 3D games right? Any compartive numbers? The GPU in iphone 4 is supposed to be powerVR SGX 545? Rivaling DSi and PSPs to GPU power 40Mill tris and 1G pixels fillrate @250MHz? And a lot better than the SGX 535 in iPhone3GS etc
The only game I have been playing regularly is Super Monkey Ball and a Baseball game.

Both of them have MUCH better performance with the ip4 compared to the older 3G.

The performance is likely down to the superior processor, more memory and better gpu all combined.

Btw, I was on a call all the way from my work place, through central Austin all the way back home, about 45 minute call, no drops, no issues whatsoever. My old phone likely would have crapped out a couple of times already.

All done hands-free so no touching of the antennae.

I called the Apple store and they are out of their rubber-band like cases

I don't really want to get a case for this phone but I think I might have to.

I feel like half the people in the department I work with swung by my desk to check out my phone. One of my colleagues noticed it propped up on my keyboard (if you run the charging cable through one of the slots on the G-15 gaming keyboard, and seat your phone just so, it looks like it is docked to the keyboard and it is held up pretty sturdily) and told a bunch of other people.

There is a definite buzz about the phone.

BTW, my friend with the Evo came by and while the speed and overall fit and finish is superior to his phone, he was able to load up identical YouTube videos much faster on his phone and in HD compared to mine. ip4 does need a YouTube HD update I think, although it might just be AT&T blocking it.

Video playback is phenomenal and the ipod headphones with playback controls can control Pandora if it is the active media player on the phone. I am liking some of the features of iOS4 more and more. It doesn't do as much as other OS's, but what it does do, it does with a nice and very polished feel.

Multi-tasking is a total crap-shoot at this point. Some apps have not been re-compiled for iOS4 and just don't work correctly. Orb has been very iffy indeed
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