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Default Re: ** iPhone 4 mini-review **

Originally Posted by Airbrushkid View Post
Yeah really not many Droids out there yet. I can say where I live the people with Droids have many problems with them. I'll stay with my iPhone 3G soon to be iPhone 4. And don't ever have a problem with At&t.
I work with 8 people in my immediate vicinity, 2 of us use iPhones, 5 use android devices and one uses some other random phone that I can't pinpoint.

My floor has a lot more iPhones but over the past year a LOT of users of iPhones have switched to Android.

Again, this is anecdotal evidence, but I have seen the number of blackberries dropping and the number of droid based phones going up while not too many newbies are converting to iPhones. I think a large number of users are previous iPhone users (such as myself) who decided it was worth the trouble to stick with the product for the current generation.

With Froyo and SenseUI and dual-core procs coming out, I expect competition to be a lot stiffer next year, especially with WinMo 7 in the mix.

Apple REALLY needs widgets to keep up with the competition and they REALLY need an app like Google's navigation app to find some parity. Nothing on the market compares to Google's nav app. Flash, I can live without it, barely, for right now, but I am getting close to my breaking point.


A few pictures I took with my 3G over the weekend.

Edited using iMovie on my iPhone4 and posted to YouTube using my iPhone4.

Can't wait to start posting videos of my nephew for my parents to watch.

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