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Default Re: [Need Help!!] ERROR: Unable to build the NVIDIA kernel module.

Originally Posted by hellboy1303 View Post
I have dug around the web on this all day. I have attached my install log file, can't really find what the deal is, any clues?
I have all the kernel items installed (-devel, -headers)

Please help!!
You should have encrypted that file then left clues all over the internet on how to decode it. That would have made it a bit more challenging to help you. Just a bit.

What is your hardware? Flavor of linux? Self compiled kernel? What was the command you used to try to build the kernel module? Did previous nvidia installs work? Is this a 64bit system and a 32bit nvidia driver?

Yeah, some of this info can be gleaned from the log but why make people dig for it? We're happy to help but help us help you.
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