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Originally Posted by Quick420 View Post
Wish I could read Swedish,but at least it got a great review.9/10 is good enough for me.I just noticed Ywap you live in Sweden could ya go out and grab up a copy? We expect screens by this time tomorrow.....thnx Quick
Translated the conclusion for you:

Originally Posted by Petter Hegevall Gamereactor
For me personally singularity is without a doubt the biggest suprise of the year.I had as i said expected a average game relying on gimmick-filled game mechanics.Instead i got a lovely varid structually retro actionexplosion that i would reccommend in a heartbeat to everyone that like me loved Bioshock,Prey and Half-Life 2.

If you like actiongames you should definatly give Singularity a chance.Same if youve lost faith in the genre and want to see something fresh.It's rare to have action,adventure,puzzles and story blend together and form such a convincing whole.Singularity will stand against the test of time,far better than the poor russians i encounter on Katorga-12
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