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Originally Posted by Ywap View Post
Ugh, it seem to be the same texture streaming problem like in Wolverine. It worked wonders with the tweaked settings in the config file. You sure there isnīt a config file in the singularity map? For Wolverine it wasnīt located in the installation folder, i was here:

C:\Users\YWAP\Documents\Wolverine\WGame\Config\WEn gine.ini

Edit: Seem to be no config file alright. That really sucks, hope thatīll change with a future patch.
Could you just try guessing at the name? Maybe it would read a config file if there was one present. So if the path is something like C:\Users\YWAP\Documents\Singularity\SGame\Config\S Engine.ini and you put a file there maybe it would pick it up.
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