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Default Re: Well, I'm waiting for the refresh!

Originally Posted by artem View Post
I'm still with my 8800GT, and I'm not going to buy anything with TDP exceeding 120W, thus the whole GTX2xx and GTX4xx series are not for me.

And mind that 8800GT is a perfect fit for absolutely most modern games.

I really don't understand why people buy monsters just to play Metro 2033 or Crysis @ 1920x1080 or higher.
It's all about how smooth your gameplay is with maxed out settings @ high resolution. You probably play on 1024x768 res without changing your graphical settings. Then yes, that card would destroy every game available now. But I play at the res you suggested all the time with every game. So I require the utmost tech in order to make my gameplay enjoyable.

Try playing dirt 2 in DX11 on your 8800gt, see how far you get.
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