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Default Re: Is there a really big difference

Originally Posted by mailman2 View Post
I know and I'm not trying to argue about it anymore I just want to fix it already. The post to the thread a few up (ragging on nekro) were other threads where a bunch of people are having the same problem. I bought a HD5870 this week and installed it. I dont get any of the stutter from it in DX10 or DX11. I haven't changed anything in the machine, just swapped GPUs back and forth about 10 times now. The issue with the HD5870 is that smoke in BF BC2 drop the framerates to 30s or so which my GTX 480 doesn't do, obviously the GTX 480 benchmarks faster, its faster, its just not smoother in BF BC2. The cause may not be the video card, but it may be a driver conflict with something else in the PC. I get that, I'm just tired of troubleshooting it to figure out what it is.

So far I've tried -
- PCI sound card (w/ 2 different driver versions)
- Onboard sound card (w/ 4 different driver versions)
- PCI gigabit NIC (w/ 3 different driver versions)
- Onboard NIC (w/ 3 different driver versions)
- reinstalled OS and game to other HDs (2)
- OS reinstalls (3 or 4 now)
- disabled all background software and non critical services
- changed settings to stock (CPU)
- another kit of ram
- another keyboard (ps2 and USB)
- another mouse (ps2 and USB)
- change multimedia class registry setting
- lowered ram speed
- changed sound settings (44k, 16bit, 24bit, etc)
- disabled windows search and restore
- installed 197.45 and installed every nvidia driver through 257.21 to see if any worked better
- 3 different motherboard bioses

...and after all that changing the GPU out with the HD5870 is the only thing that makes that damn game play smoothly... I've put way to much time and money into trying to sort this. I need a break.
Wow, it does look as if you have gone to extremes to sort this out.

Just one question, does it do it in single player or is it just multiplayer.
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