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Default Spitfire GTX480

Installed the spitfire on my 480 today. Took me about 8 hours.

1) Stripped screw in gtx480. Had to use dremel to cut it out.
2) Mounting the spitfire alone on the gtx480 was clunky as hell. I highly recommend a 2nd person
3) Couldn't get the card into my cm stacker. The PSU cage at the top was blocking the spitfire, so I had to spend about 3-4 hours dremeling out all the rivets
4) Couldn't remove the psu cage after removing rivets since it was wider than it could go down, had to cut it in half to pull the bastard out
5) Finally seated the card, which goes over my x-fi. Boot up: x-fi not recognized
6) Spend another hour getting the x-fi to recognize, finally it recognizes.

That's about it so far lmao.

Edit: ran a test in dirt 2. Before load temp was about 88c with fan on auto
Now load temp is 55c with the 140mm thermalright fan. The fan is SUPER quiet even at full 12v it's only 900 RPM, I can't hear it over my cpu fans. Very pleased.

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