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Exclamation Can I use CUDA and VDPAU together?

Hi, guys,

I want to use the VDPAU to decode a series of YUV pictures from an H.264 stream, and then use CUDA to do the post-processing. I hope to keep the pictures in the graphic card memory where VdpVideoSurface points to, so that I don't need to store the pictures to CPU memory in order to improve the overall performance.

But as I know CUDA and VDPAU can not be used at the same time, so that I have to quit VDPAU and then launch CUDA. So the VpdVideoSurface will be destroy by then.

How can I keep the pointer information of those YUV pictures which are used to be pointed by the VdpVideoSurface handle? Is there any method that can avoid not violate the picture addresses by using CUDA malloc?

Thanks a lot!
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