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Default Re: ** iPhone 4 mini-review **

I heard on the radio the other day, that the reception for the iPhone 4 might not be so great. Essentially it launched, many bought, but the calls into customer support also grew exponentially. The biggest complaints were loss of signal strength and dropped calls. There was mention of discoloration appearing on the screens as well, along with horrendous queues at the call centers dealing with technical support complaints, or in the case below, getting constantly put on hold.

[quote]Christian Ortiz of Davie was among the many who got his preordered iPhone 4 on Wednesday through the mail. But within an hour, he noticed yellow discoloration on the bottom and sides of his screen -- a widespread issue being reported across the country.

``It deflated my excitement a bit, but I'm still onboard,'' Ortiz said. ``They have to take care of this 'cause I'm paying a premium for a premium product.''

Ortiz said he called Apple's customer service Wednesday night but got tired of being put on hold, so he hung up and planned to try again later.[quote]

Has some other mentions. But generally when driving home here in Jersey, the local radio was picking this up, and having a discussion on it, where users got to call in, etc
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