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Default Re: ** iPhone 4 mini-review **

Originally Posted by Imbroglio View Post
i personally can't wait for some apple sheep to post the neilson numbers that steve jobs had at the wwdc....

come on, give me an opportunity to explain what's inherently wrong with cold calling land lines about mobile phone usage. freaking apple tards, they pump so much **** without telling customers that the smallest percentage of it is actually true.
I don't put much stock in Neilson. I just loved it when I heard that homes selected for the Nielson boxes which sample for everyone else, tend to be homes with the easier install (1 TV homes). This in spite of the fact that statistics show, most American homes are not 1 TV homes. It'd be like asking 1 car families which brand of gas they prefer, even though husband and wife don't tend to share the car, and they might each visit a different station.

Ah well, they perhaps figure all hadn't heard of representative sampling and figure that if a number is presented, some won't question if the people being sampled are typical of the group they're supposed to represent or not. And yes, on cell phones, I do know people who have dropped their land line provider altogether, and use a cell phone only.
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