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Default Re: Well, I'm waiting for the refresh!

I'm only waiting because of the fact that I'm still on a 22" (1680x1050) and any sort of SLI setup would require a new motherboard.

I'm fairly confident (as long as I get the job I'm looking at) that when I graduate from college I'll be grabbing a 30" monitor at which point this 285 won't be able to cut it anymore. This rig will be retired in its entirety as a folding / file / game / media server and I'll be getting a whole new one

It'll be nice.... I've been using the same case since 2003 (Chieftec Dragon ripoff). It's been long overdue for a refresh. With any luck that'll be just at the end of the 480's life and the 5 (or 6) series will be coming out.... I doubt it'll come out so soon but I do expect to atleast grab the newest 480 refresh or possibly just hold onto the 285 for as long as I can until the newest gen hits
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