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Default Post the "Hidden Gems" games of Steam

If there is a game that is fairly cheap on Steam that most people don't know of, post here to encourage others to try it out. They don't have to be on special, just under $20 I'd say(the lower the better though). For example.

Sacrifice: $4.99
One of the best games I've EVER played in my life. Worth a shot to play by everyone. This game never gets old to play.

Zombie Driver: $10(will definitely go below during sell)
Mindless fun game that will surely go below $5. When I bought it, played from start to finish the first time I put my hands on it. Probably not a game for everyone, but it has a demo and is worth trying out.

Saints Row: (Not listing price, but can be had for under $10 surely during the sale)
Move over GTA4. This game seems to be the true sequel to GTA3 in terms of fun to play. I personally bought this for $15 a while back. Worth every penny. I'm sure it will go below $10.

Chains: $1.24
OMFG really? $1? I bought this game for $10 and it was VERY much worth it. Fantastic game. Must buy for those who like puzzle games that make you think on your toes.

Osmos: $4.99
Not sure if this game is for everyone, but it was very much fun for me. Very challenging game(almost too challenging). Anyone who loved the beginning of "Spore" but thought the rest of the game was crap(like me) will probably enjoy this. (big thingy eat little thingy)

Reason i made this post was due to CaptNKILL posting about a game called "Saira" . Personally I've never heard of it, but I'm very much interested in these "Hidden Gem" games . I'd like to hear about more games like this that I've never heard about or just never thought were good.

(Try to keep the price and a brief description in your post so others know why to try it out).
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