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Default Re: Crysis Warhead Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by Mike89 View Post
With Warhead, I don't even use vehicles. The game is so short I walk everywhere to prolong and enjoy the game more.
That's how I was with farcry 2. I admit, I downloaded a trainer simply to remove the limitations on how far you can run before the screen goes all blurry. It honestly made the game MUCH better because there's a lot of areas that I enjoyed on foot more than I would have in the vehicle... particularly around enemy spawn factories... er.. checkpoints....

But yeah FC2 was much more enjoyable being able to huff it on foot across some of the terrain. In total honesty, if that fix wasn't around to get rid of the malaria running crap, I probably would have never re-installed the game. I'm glad I gave it a 2nd chance even if the colors were rather washed out and drab in some areas. That was originally another gripe.. at some places, the colors were just brown and brown~ish green but there were other areas that were absolutely spectacular to look at.
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