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Default Android Rom Thread (for Rooted Android Devices)

I really only keep up with the Droid roms, and some HTC roms. Please post roms in this thread and I will add them to the OP as necessary.

NVNEWS, and anyone affiliated with NVNEWS in any way, takes no responsibility for any damage to your phone as a result of rooting (for Android), jailbreaking (for iPhone), or hacking of any sort on your mobile device. While on Android, this possibility is very very small, it does exist. Hacking (or rooting) your phone may void your warranty. Please take proper precautions and do research before hacking any mobile device.

If help is needed for Android devices, please post in this forum, or PM me directly...

Moto Droid

Dev : Peter Alfonso (New 6/28/09)
OS : Android 2.2 (built from leaked testing rom FRF57)
Rom : [ROM] Bugless Beast V0.3 FRF83 (FROYO) RC 6/09/10
Link :

Dev : Cyanogen (Mod by Koush)
OS : Android 2.1 (Built from 2.1 source)
Rom : CyanogenMod For Droid V5.0.8 (06/19/2010)
Link :

Dev : billygalbreath
OS : Android 2.2 (Built from 2.2 Source)
Rom : Official Pl3x Rom v2.0.1
Link :

Dev : JRummy
OS : Android 2.2 (Built from 2.2 Source)
Rom : Froyo FRF83 - Compiled from source
Link :

Dev : Sapphire (New 6/28/09)
OS : Android 2.2 (Built from 2.2 Source)
Rom : SAPPHIRE 0.6.2 DROID (FRF57)
Link :

Dev : Onix Concepts
OS : Android 2.2 (Built from 2.2 Source)
Rom : Onix 2.0 Beta0
Link :


Dev : Peter Alfonso
OS : Android 2.2 (Built from leaked testing rom ERE27)
Rom : [ROM] Bugless Beast V0.1 ERE27
Link :

Dev : Damage Control
OS : Android ?? (If known, please update, but I believe it is 2.1 source with built in Flash 10.1 support)
Rom : DamageControl v3.1.2
Link :

I will add more later...If you have a phone that is not listed, please let me know and I will research recent roms and list them here...

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